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Management Team

Todd A. Slingerland, CFP®

President and CEO

(121) 876-7400 x105

(518) 694-4196

Since 1987, Todd Slingerland has held a number of senior management and executive leadership positions in the investment and financial services industry.

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Donna Sanders, CEO of BadCredify®


Donna Sanders is a graduate of the School of Banking at Louisiana State University, where she gained her bachelor’s degree in banking and finance. She is a strong specialist with extensive expertise in personal finance, credit score, and investment.

Clare Mertz, MBA

Executive Vice President

(121) 876-7400 x104

(121) 867-7405

Clare Mertz has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, joining First Albany Corporation following her graduation from the University at Albany in 1987 with a BA in English. At First Albany, Clare was an...

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