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Your Financial Advisor: An Anchor in Life's Windstorms

image | February 25, 2019
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Your Financial Advisor: An Anchor in Life’s Windstorms

With the high winds swirling about today, it reminds me of “Winne the Pooh and the Blustery Day” which was a popular story when I was a kid. It also reminds me of all the information “noise” that surrounds us today from technology, media, politics, and more - it can sometimes feel like we are caught in a windstorm with so much data swirling about. That overstimulation can sometimes create anxiety and confusion. When you find yourself in life’s windstorms and don’t have peace it can keep you up at night. That’s why it’s so important to put together your team of trusted advisors - financial, legal, health, and others - to be your support system, people to turn to with your questions and concerns.

What are some ways in which a financial advisor might help when life is getting blustery:

  • Organization of financial affairs
  • Providing information and resources
  • Answering questions and concerns
  • Identification of goals and objectives
  • Risk consideration and mitigation
  • Projection of finances and where changes might need to be made
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Addressing special circumstances
  • Product selection and portfolio creation
  • Working with legal, taxation, and other professionals
  • Ongoing review and adjustment of plans when necessary

When you are having blustery days, your financial advisor can possibly help provide some anchoring and perspective.

The opinions are those of the author and this information is provided for general educational purposes only and not as specific advice for any individual.

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