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Ways to Help Control the Things You Can't Control

| July 08, 2019
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Ask Your Financial Advisor: Ways to Help Control the Things You Can’t Control

When investors plan toward retirement, competing goals such as paying for their children’s college education may occur. Following retirement, another competing goal might occur - an often unforeseen one - how to pay for a serious medical condition and/or rising health care costs. A health event might erode even substantial savings and may leave a surviving spouse/partner struggling. There are some strategies that might be discussed with a wealth management team - sometimes professionals from multiple disciplines such as a financial advisor, accountant, and attorney -which might help with advanced planning needs. Planning ahead may help to avoid financial pitfalls later. Not sure where to begin? Ask your financial advisor for assistance.

This information is provided for general education purposes and is not intended as specific advice for any individual.

Seek professional advice before taking any action in regard to your finances.

Todd A. Slingerland, CFP®

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