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Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions - Financial Advisor Style

| February 05, 2019
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Couples, even those who love each other very much, fight from time to time when expectations are not met. One of the things that couples fight about is money - different saving and spending habits and different goals can lead to clashing. That’s why, rather than flowers and candy (or perhaps in addition to), an appointment with a financial advisor may be a great idea during this month of love:

  • Together, we can review and define goals and objectives and custom-tailor a plan to help couples come together and work toward a unified path
  • We can discover whether beneficiaries are up to date and reflective of current wishes
  • We can discuss themes of protection - life, long term care, disability insurances, as well as other risk mitigation tools - this is so important and often neglected
  • We can look at the horizon, both short term and long term, to see where things are and where they need to be - helping to provide discipline and accountability
  • We can strategize about competing financial goals, such as educating children and retirement
  • We can connect with other professionals, such as an attorney or accountant, to help address specific needs - perhaps the attainment of a will or the updating of one, perhaps the consideration of taxation matters (please note I do not provide legal or taxation advice but have strategic relationships to assist you, or can work in tandem with your existing professionals).

You see, being on the same page financially and working together toward a common objective is a very loving thing to do as a couple, and may help foster harmony in a relationship. Whether you are newlyweds or have been together for decades, schedule your “romantic” couple’s financial consultation today.

Long after the candy is eaten and the flowers fade, financial plans can endure.

The opinions are those of the author. Seek professional advice before taking any action in regard to your finances. This information is provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice to any individual.


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