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Time, Talent, or Treasure: They All Matter

| October 09, 2019
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I overhead a conversation about helping not-for-profits. Someone said they did not have a lot of extra money and they felt that they therefore couldn’t help a not-for-profit organization. Yes, there are people that can write the big or small checks and not-for-profits certainly need donors who can give money. However, they also need boots on the ground, the people who can plan, stuff envelopes, set up events, cook, provide graphic design/computer/writing/administrative/social media services, walk dogs, sort bottles and cans, fundraise, sell refreshments, post flyers, staff a registration table at an event, gather sponsorships, get raffle prizes, etc. Everyone has something to give - time, talent, or treasure. Whether that is a lot or a little, everything counts. So, if there is a cause you are passionate about, there are many ways to get involved - just ask the organization.

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