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Time Flies: Are You Using It To Your Advantage?

| November 05, 2018
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I cannot believe it is already November! Where did 2018 go? The months have sped by! Alas, so do the years. On Saturday, I read a reading to a packed congregation at my oldest nephew’s wedding. How can the first “baby” of our family be married? It seems like he was just born! There he was, walking down the aisle hand in hand with his new bride. It was such a special moment that reminded me of so many moments in his life from first steps to first games to first dates to first graduations. He has always gotten to be the first - the trailblazer for his siblings and his cousins. How wonderful it was to gather with extended family at such a happy occasion.

We just turn around and our kids grow up. We turn around and we ourselves are older. In the crowd were bald heads, silver foxes, and grown adults where children stood just a few short years ago. This happens in every family - we realize how precious time is, and how it is something we cannot control.

So many of us delay things until “after the holidays” - workout routines, healthy eating, paperwork, attending to our finances. There never seems to be enough time or the right time to get things done. But what I have found with clients, is that once they make an appointment, they are pleasantly surprised how quickly things they have worried about like setting up college savings accounts for children or grandchildren, getting their own affairs in order, etc. can be addressed when they have someone who can help them.

I work in a team. I have experienced professionals whose combined talents help to augment mine. Why continue to have stress and worry eroding valuable time when you can come in BEFORE the holidays and get things established and your concerns addressed?  Did you know that we even have electronic signature capabilities and can even do a phone appointment?

We value your time. Together, we can seek ways to make things more efficient in your life - whether it be your savings and investing contributions, your distributions such as for your retirement account RMD, or for your financial planning.

Let us help to put time on your side - or at least seek to reduce your cares and concerns. Take the few seconds to reach out by phone or email. We’ll make time for you!

I am pleased to assist you, your family members, friends, and colleagues. I offer a complimentary first consultation.


The opinions expressed are those of the author. Seek advice from a qualified professional before taking any action in regard to your finances.


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