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No Green Jacket, But I Still Practice

| April 12, 2019
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It’s Master’s Week and this weekend golfers will be tuned in to see the latest at Augusta and who will ultimately wear the green jacket. I was having a conversation with someone today and they were saying it must be fun to be a professional golfer - travel, play golf, go to beautiful courses. They don’t see what’s really behind that…many hours of practice going over the fundamentals of the swing, driving, putting, chipping, and doing it all over again and again to address any deficits and to make any necessary corrections.  Even the best golfers have something in common: a coach.

Professional golfers don’t just show up to the course thinking, “I’ve been doing this for years, I think I’ll just go to the qualifying round without any practice and do my thing.” They want to continue to evolve in their proficiency and mastery of the game. They take the advice of others and make improvements.

As a financial advisor, I too have “coaches”, people that help me to get better at my profession. Yes, I’ve been in the industry for decades, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take time to “practice”. These coaches may be professionals who provide guidance in compliance so that I remain current in rules and regulations and adapt my practice accordingly, they may be product specialists who help me to become educated on the benefits and risks of particular strategies, they may be fellow practitioners who share their knowledge, they may even be my clients who provide feedback, they may be instructors who teach professional designation courses to help provide continued education. I continue to learn, to practice, to sharpen my skill sets essential to the financial industry and global financial marketplace now and for the future. Like the professional golfer, a lot goes into it to strive to improve year/year over the past 30+ years. The only thing constant is change in financial markets and industry.

Today, as I attend a professional education meeting with other financial advisors, I will embrace it as an opportunity to learn, to validate what I might know, to underscore where I may need additional information, and to adjust where necessary. Using this time to work “on” my practice versus just “in” it is important toward continuous development. I won’t sit there with my arms folded or staring at my cell phone: I will listen, I will take notes, and I will participate fully. There is always something to learn. No green jacket, but there will be refreshments!

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