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Everyone Loves a Good Comeback Story

| April 15, 2019
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Everyone Loves a Good Comeback Story

Seeing Tiger Woods win the Masters again this weekend was an amazing comeback story. A few years ago it was uncertain whether he would ever play golf at this former level ever again. At Augusta, he looked in top physical condition, he had his famous Zen expression during intense competition seeming oblivious to all the noise around him, and he had on his famous red and black power outfit for the final. It was really something to see this athlete regain one of the highest honors in golf, the green jacket.

For all his naysayers and those who did not believe in him, it didn’t matter - the journey and the accomplishment were his. He believed in himself. He did the work. He put in the effort. He withstood the many trials and tribulations of not making the cut, not being on the leader board, not finishing at the top. It was a slow and steady climb and he has arrived.

Whether or not you are a fan of Tiger Woods, or of golf in general, everyone loves a good comeback story. As I often do, I couldn’t help but relate it to the financial markets and the end of last year until now. For those who were ready to jump ship on December 24 due to the major declines and who braced themselves to open their year-end statements, here we are having had a strong first quarter. A nice comeback story for the markets.

Let’s not get complacent, however. Tiger Woods is still going to practice the fundamentals. So are we as investors. Let’s consider where we are now, what are needs are in the short and long term, how we feel when risk and volatility present themselves, and whether what we own in our portfolios still serves us. Like Tiger, let’s make any necessary adjustments to keep in the game.

Today (April 15) is the last day to make 2018 IRA contributions. Friday, April 19 is the Good Friday financial market holiday. May you have a blessed Passover and Easter. It’s a short week, let’s make it count!


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