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Easy Ways to Enhance Financial Literacy

| April 04, 2019
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Easy Ways to Enhance Financial Literacy

What can the average person who doesn’t want to study to be a financial advisor do to help enhance their overall financial knowledge? Here are a few suggestions:

*Read – Read newspapers, magazines, business journals, books. You’ll pick up jargon, concepts, and perspectives.

*Research – Financial websites provide a range of research reports. My website has weekly market and economic commentary and periodic research perspectives from LPL Financial, as an example. Additionally, there are short videos on a range of topics., as well as an archive of my past blogs.

 *Listen to talk radio/podcasts  – Be mindful that the speaker may be expressing their own opinions, but this is a passive way to absorb information.

*Converse – Get over the stigma that it is not polite to talk about money. Having money conversations with your spouse, partner, family is essential. You might discuss topics such as budgets, saving, short and long term financial goals, risk, and more.

*Attend a course – Adult education programs and other outlets may offer financial courses.

Perhaps one of the most convenient methods to enhance your financial literacy: Make an appointment with a financial advisor. Bring your questions and concerns. It’s what we do!

This information is provided for educational purposes only and not as specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Seek professional advice before taking any action in regard to your finances.

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