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Don't "After the Holidays" Your Portfolio if it Needs Help Now

| November 30, 2018
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Don’t “After the Holidays” Your Portfolio if It Needs Help Now

This time of year is busy. I get it. With social activities, shopping, planning, eating and eating some more, holiday guests, presents to wrap, and deadlines to work toward, the last thing a lot of people want to do is meet with their financial advisor.

This is when financial advisors hear, “I’d love to meet with you BUT after the holidays”. “Yes, I like that idea BUT let’s talk about it more after the holidays”. “Yes, I know I have a large uninvested balance in my account that I should get working for me BUT I think I’ll wait until after the holidays to do anything.” “Yes, I know, I need life insurance BUT I am going away on vacation and don’t want to think about it until after the holidays.” “Yes, I know I need to address that situation BUT it’s cold and dark now so after the holidays”.

What you should know is:

  • The markets are open between now and the end of the year, with the exception of an early close on Christmas Eve at 1 pm (Dec 24) and the markets being closed on Christmas Day (Dec 25).
  • Phone appointments are available which eliminate the need for travel time and can be held during a lunch hour, for example.
  • Having an agenda for the appointment can make it more efficient.
  • We have early morning, evening, and other appointments to meet your needs and can come to you if needed. For example, yesterday I spent much of the day meeting with clients in the Cooperstown, NY area.
  • Clients are meeting with and calling financial advisors. These clients know that there may be items that need to be addressed such as Required Minimum Distributions, reallocation of assets in regard to volatility entering the markets, a review of time horizon and risk tolerance, tax strategies, charitable and family gifting, an annual review for their investment advisory accounts and more.
  • Perhaps you have some time off from work as you use up unused vacation days or what have you. Take an hour and let’s get things in order.
  • Did you know my office is right near some of the Capital Region’s major shopping destinations such as Crossgates Mall and we are right behind Stuyvesant Plaza? Shop-eat-meet!

You see, money doesn’t wait until you “get around to it”. Everyone has a plan by design - or by default! The financial markets are impacted by what’s happening globally, not just what happens in your immediate world. Let’s help to enable you to keep pace BEFORE the holidays. How can I assist you today?

The opinions expressed are those of the author. Seek professional advice before taking any action in regard to your finances.

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