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Complaining about Going Back to School? Count Your Blessings

| September 04, 2019
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Complaining about going back to school? Count your blessings.

As much as some students might complain that they must return to school this week - what about those who won’t be able to go back due to Hurricane Dorian? Or whose time in school might be interrupted for an uncertain period? Those who had to/may have to evacuate and face an unknown future about their homes? School is much more than just a place to learn - it provides continuity and stability through routines, a community, a place to obtain food, and much more. My thoughts are with those affected not just in the US but in other nations by weather events such as these. Hats off to those who are enabling free places to stay, opening shelter centers, distributing food and supplies, and volunteering to lend support. Gratitude to our first responders who help to perform rescues and to maintain safety and peace.

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