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Chinese "Chicken"

| September 30, 2019
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Chinese “Chicken”

The escalating tensions between the US and China have led to some bold threats, such as President Trump considering the de-listing of Chinese stocks from US exchanges. It has been a pattern to make significant statements in advance of trade talks, which resume next month, toward seeking some bargaining leverage (like playing the game “Chicken”). While the markets did not generally like this news story, it is important to keep in mind that one single factor in the “recipe” that is the financial marketplace does not generally tend to solely impact it over the long term. To keep up with the weekly market and economic news, please visit my website at and click on the LPL tab for weekly updates from the LPL Financial research department.

This information is provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended as specific advice for any individual. Seek professional advice before taking any action in regard to your finances.

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