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Charity Begins in the Home - And Workplace

| February 21, 2019
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Charity Begins in the Home - and Workplace

Charity begins in the home. This does not mean to only look after your own; it means to teach your children to be stewards of service to others. Often, as adults, we learn from the examples set by others in our careers and in the groups to which we belong. I am forever inspired by so many wonderful people in our communities including my co-workers and our clients.

We all have something to give: time, talent, treasure (or a combination thereof). Sometimes it can be easiest to write a check, as it takes just seconds, but giving generously of treasure can make such a substantial impact. Others give their time and talents, putting in sweat equity and making things run without a hitch, donating many hours and doing so with such passion and such pure love. Every enterprise needs people who are willing to give in every way possible to be successful. I am in awe of the great things that people do!

When I look around at my colleagues, I see people who foster dogs, people who cook and serve meals to fight food insecurity, people who volunteer on not for profit committees, someone who helps a young single parent by babysitting for free in the early morning and taking the child to daycare so that the parent can leave for an early shift, people who participate in walk-a-thons and other fundraisers, people who sort bottles and cans, people who lead troops and clubs, people who bring hope to the disenfranchised, people who counsel and people who care, and people who donate generously to a wide range of causes - some whose wallets never seem to be closed. Each person does something to cast a positive ripple effect into the world. I am in awe of the “angels among us”.

Our firm has a charitable foundation and for the past 10 years we have put on a golf tournament to raise funds for not for profits in our community. It is yeoman’s work to put on and each year it is better and better, bigger and bigger, raising more and more money and having terrific impact to care for so many important initiatives that serve people in our region, with several hundred thousand being distributed in that time. . We had our planning meeting for our May 20th event this week and I am filled with gratitude for the committee members who give of themselves, year after year, bringing ideas and doing the hard work and myriad tasks. I often get much of the credit because I stand up at the event podium - but I want everyone to know it is not just me - in fact, it is mostly them. Thank you Clare, Alyssa, Michael, Adam N, John A., Bill, Adam K, Paul, John B, and Peter - and to all who volunteer and support the event - thank you for helping to shine a bright light in places of darkness in our communities. You bring pockets full of hope and you are my motivation!

Todd A. Slingerland, CFP®

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