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Building Bridges

| October 30, 2018
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Building Bridges: Bringing Back A Sense of Community in the World

I grew up in a small town where everyone pretty much knew everyone else. You didn’t dare do “stupid things” because your parents would know even before you got finished doing them. Someone would always see you. As a kid, you didn’t like that part too much, but there were lots of nice aspects, and probably the most significant one is that people were always around the help you.

Car got stuck? People would appear out of the woodwork to push you to safety and then lift the hood and get you on your way again. Needed a ride home from practice? Now, this was no simple feat as we really did live out in the middle of nowhere - but someone’s station wagon was always packed to the brim with kids. A friend’s mom would always feed you, tie your shoe, or bandage a skinned knee. In short, people were just nice - it was a true community.

I like being part of a community. In our office, that is something that I try to emulate, a positive spirit of togetherness, the sharing of ideas, the support of activities that unify and make things good. In life, I try to also help people by helping them cut wood, move furniture, or connect with resources. I also like to support community organizations however I can, and to make a positive difference for people even if I don’t know them, even if they never could return the favor (I am sincerely looking forward to my favorite day of the year: our Smile Bus trip to NYC for Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular for people who have had a difficult year). Even being part of social media, I try to provide useful information and education, just as I learn so much from others. I really do believe what goes around comes around in some way, shape or form.

Now, I am not seeking to blow my own horn here. I am just trying to foster a feeling of togetherness. Because lately, when I turn on the news, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of togetherness in the world. There are still so many really good people, but so many really bad people seem to be grabbing the spotlight.

That’s why I want to hear your good news. How are you making the world a better place? How are you fostering a sense of belonging? How are you lending a helping hand? Let’s turn our conversation toward inspiring other people through our good deeds, paying things forward, building bridges among people. I look forward to your stories.



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