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"Bother" Me!

| October 05, 2018
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“Bother” Me!

I love to hear from my clients. I don’t love when anyone starts the conversation with, “Sorry to bother you.”

“Bother” me! It’s not a “bother” to answer questions, to work to alleviate concerns, or to help them plan their financial futures. It’s not a “bother” to provide education, information, or assistance. It’s not a “bother” to research, discover, or streamline. It’s not a “bother” to teach, learn, or collaborate. It’s not a “bother” to provide advice, insight, or perspective. It’s not a “bother” to listen, to celebrate, to comfort.

It’s important to have open, honest communication and I am pleased to be here for my clients for all of these reasons and more. Helping people has been my favorite part of my career as a financial advisor since 1987. “Bother” me!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Seek advice from a qualified professional before taking any action regarding your finances.

Todd A. Slingerland, CFP®

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